April 5, 2023

Inside Baublebee Co. Brand Photoshoot

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Like many small business owners, getting in front of the camera to promote our brands is not always our favorite part of the job, but we all know it’s necessary. A personal brand photoshoot is a perfect way to help your customers get to know you and feel more connected to your brand. Today, we are so excited to spotlight the first brand photoshoot to happen at 201 Lofthaus!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Kim, the owner behind all things Baublebee Co. Kim is a busy mom of two, and she’s passionate about doing her part to create an eco-friendly home. Her passion led her to open Baublebee Co. a brand dedicated to creating beautiful sustainable products that can easily replace some of the plastic or single-use products that you may find in an average household helping her customers live a greener life.

Kim booked 201 Lofthaus with her photographer, Amanda, owner of Amanda Migues Photography. The goal was to spotlight Baublebee Co.’s beautiful products along with professional images of herself. She chose 201 Lofthaus as her location for this shoot because she loved how well the modern and stylish decor in the studio complimented the colors of the Baublebee Co. brand. We couldn’t agree more! Take a look at how well Amanda captured the essence of Baublebee Co. and its owner!

People want to get to know the person behind the brand so it’s important to capture YOU during your brand shoot. Having a variety of outfits, at least 3, that complement both your personality and your brand will go a long way in terms of the amount of content you’ll walk away with after your shoot. 201 Lofthaus is intentionally styled to offer you a variety of cohesive backdrops. Which comes in handy when you are branding your website or social media.

Your customers want to imagine what it’s like to use your products. Shooting in a home like 201 Lofthaus is a powerful way to make your brand and products more relatable. You’re showcasing the lifestyle that your products embody.

And this my friends is how you use 201 Lofthaus to spotlight your brand and products! There are so many ways to create when you #201Lofthaus. Check out our site for further inspiration here. Then come make it yours! A perfect backdrop to tell your story.

Interested in learning more about Baublebee Co.? Check out their website here. Need a photographer for your next brand shoot? Check out Amanda’s work here. If you enjoyed this spotlight, comment below and share! See you in the next shoot, friends!

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